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This journal is mostly public because most of it contains poetry, quotations, pictures, jokes, videos, and news (medical and otherwise). If you like what you see, you are welcome to drop by, anytime.

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(Painting is by Eleanor Pollen and was found via levkonoe--many thanks!)


Quotes of the day

“There have been times, lately, when I dearly wished that I could change the past. Well, I can’t, but I can change the present, so that when it becomes the past it will turn out to be a past worth having.”

―Sir Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel.

It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up.

And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness.

Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.”

―Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum LP

There are 36 more quotes in this list from Buzzfeed
Originally posted by nic_angel at кофе дальних странствий

чашка кофе в саламанке, испания.
(in Salamanca, Spain)

It's a cafe and hostel named after Erasmus of Rotterdam, look! I was just thinking the other week, that a conversation I was having very much reminded him of one of his Dialogues, "A dialogue of two deaf men".

"Afternoon", by Dorothy Parker

When I am old, and comforted,
And done with this desire,
With Memory to share my bed
And Peace to share my fire,

I'll comb my hair in scalloped bands
Beneath my laundered cap,
And watch my cool and fragile hands
Lie light upon my lap.

And I will have a sprigged gown
With lace to kiss my throat;
I'll draw my curtain to the town,
And hum a purring note.

And I'll forget the way of tears,
And rock, and stir my tea.
But oh, I wish those blessed years
Were further than they be!

...it's been in the news lately, with the discovery of "air bombs", which probably explains all the mysterious disappearances...

Here's an interesting article on the topic:

And here's a song from the late 1970s (here, duathir, another one for you ;))

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How Antoni van Leeuwenhoek discovered the sperm cell and a rare hiccuping disease, from "The Telegraph"

...I loved the chapter about him and his work in Paul de Kruif's "Microbe Hunters", which I first read...quite a few years ago, now ;)


Pumpkin s'more cake bars

Pumpkin s'mores cake bars, from Picky Palate

An easy recipe and one that would be fun to make with kids; a bit too sweet for my taste, though (the marshmallows and the cake mix, you know?)
I used Ghirardelli's semi-sweet baking chocolate rather than Hershey's milk.

Also, I definitely recommend using parchment paper to line the baking dish...


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Фонд "Здоровье": сокращение мест в больницах привело к росту смертности

Foundation "Health": cutting the number of beds in the hospitals has resulted in the increase in mortality

[what situational irony in this photo...]

В 2015 году в российских больницах умерло на 24 тысячи человек больше, чем годом ранее. Специалисты фонда независимого мониторинга "Здоровье" напрямую связали рост смертности с сокращением числа больничных коек. Люди попадают в больницы слишком поздно, сообщает РБК со ссылкой на доклад фонда. В министерстве здравоохранения России эту версию опровергают.

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In 2015, the number of people who died in the hospitals in Russia was greater than that of the previous year by 24,000. The specialists of the "Health" foundation of independent monitoring said that the increase in mortality is directly related to cutting the number of the hospital beds. People get to the hospital far too late, RBK reports, referencing the foundation's report. The Russian Ministry of Health refute this interpretation of statistics.
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Burnout in Critical Care – A Critical Situation The co-published document reports:

  • Up to 45 percent of critical care physicians reported symptoms of severe burnout syndrome, while those specializing in pediatric critical care were at 71 percent.

  • Approximately 25 to 33 percent of critical care nurses manifest symptoms of severe burnout syndrome, and up to 86 percent have at least one of the three classic symptoms.

  • The high burnout syndrome rate in critical care professionals can be attributed to the especially stressful environment in the ICU due to high patient morbidity and mortality, challenging daily work routines, and regular encounters with traumatic and ethical issues.

  • Burnout syndrome in critical care health care professionals may result in posttraumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse and even suicidal thoughts.

  • In nurses, burnout is associated with reduced quality of care, lower patient satisfaction, increased number of medical errors, higher rates of health care associated infections, and higher 30-day mortality rates.

See this article from AACN for more info

According to another, 2015 article, the other two areas of healthcare with the highest rates of burnout are pediatrics and oncology (also unsurprising).

elenbarathi, regarding our discussion here

This is the original passage from Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin", one of the author's many philosophical asides. One must note the author was nearly 30 when he wrote this, and considered his youth to be quite past:

Любви все возрасты покорны;
Но юным, девственным сердцам
Ее порывы благотворны,
Как бури вешние полям:
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"A normal person"

Anastasiya Rubtsova, from FB; English translation's mine

На днях клиентка говорит мне с мучительным стыдом:
- Никто из нормальных людей не будет жрать чипсы в подъезде прямо из пакета. Вы, например, так не делаете наверняка.
Да ладно. По-моему, если уж жрать чипсы, то именно так – в подъезде, радостно, тайком от родных, хрустя пакетом и облизывая с пальцев соль. Что там еще вредного, глютамат натрия, специи? Вот их еще облизывать. Ну а как еще прикажете есть чипсы – ножом и вилкой, с фарфора?
Но тут, конечно, не в чипсах дело.

A few days ago, one of my client told me, with great shame:

"No normal person would ever be scarfing up potato chips right out of the bag, while standing just inside the door of the apartment building. I bet you never do such a thing yourself."

Oh, come on now. In my opinion, if one is going to scarf down potato chips, that's exactly the way to do it--just inside the door of the apartment building, happily, in secret from your family, scrunching up the bag and licking the salt off your fingers. What other bad for you things are in the potato chips? Sodium glutamate, spices? There, you should lick them off your fingers too. How else is one supposed to eat potato chips--with a knife and fork, off a fine china plate?
Of course, it's not the chips that are the real issue here.

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"The prayer of Ajax was for light..."

I see I'd already posted this in March of 2011, but I don't think it's lost its relevance...something I'd been thinking of recently.

"...The prayer of Ajax was for light;
Through all that dark and desperate fight,
The blackness of that noonday night,
He asked but the return of sight,
  To see his foeman's face.

Let our unceasing, earnest prayer
Be, too, for light,--for strength to bear
Our portion of the weight of care,
That crushes into dumb despair
  One half the human race...."

Quote of the day

(Just because some people are fueled by drama doesn't mean you have to attend the performance ~J.V. Manning)

Poem of the day

Как птицы, скачут и бегут, как мыши,
Сухие листья кленов и берез,
С ветвей срываясь, устилают крыши,
Пока их ветер дальше не унес.

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They leap like birds and run like mice,
The dry leaves of maples and birches,
Flying off the branches, they line the roofs,
Until the wind carries them further away.

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"...my broken hallelujah..."

Rufus Wainwright

I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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Smile ;)

("Little Stephen King reads his first story in class")

But A Short Time To Live

Our little hour - how swift it flies
When poppies flare and lilies smile;
How soon the fleeting minute dies,
Leaving us but a little while
To dream our dreams, to sing our song,
To pick the fruit, to pluck the flower,
The Gods - They do not give us long, -
One little hour.

Our little hour - how short it is
When love with dew eyed loveliness
Raises her lips for ours to kiss
And dies within our first caress.
Youth flickers out like wind-blown flame,
Sweets of today to-morrow sour,
For Time and Death, relentless, claim
Our little hour.

Our little hour - how short a time
To wage our wars, to fan our hates,
To take our fill of armoured crime,
To troop our banner, storm the gates.
Blood on the sword, our eyes blood-red,
Blind in our puny reign of power,
Do we forget how soon is sped
Our little hour.

Our little hour - how soon it dies;
How short a time to tell our beads,
To chant our feeble Litanies,
To think sweet thoughts, to do good deeds,
The altar lights grow pale and dim,
The bells hang silent in the tower -
So passes with the dying hymn
Our little hour.

by Leslie Coulson

Leslie Coulson was killed in action October 8, 1916

Originally posted by duathir at Leslie Coulson, 'But A Short Time To Live'
Cross-post from war_poetry

Sway--Dean Martin

When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more

Like a flower bending in the breeze...Collapse )


Very clever, isn't it?

Originally posted by thnidu at ars magna
From Cory Calhoun, master anagrammatist (PBS, via YouTube, 8:12):

To be or not to be: that is the question, whether "tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune In one of the Bard"s best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.

This entry was originally posted at http://thnidu.dreamwidth.org/1542336.html. You can comment here, or there using OpenID or your Dreamwidth ID. comment count unavailable comments there so far.

"To be or not to be: that is the question, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"
"In one of the bard's best thought of tragedies, our insistent hero, hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten"


"The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Burning brush,
New books, erasers,
Chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive,
Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts
Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with
A morning haze."

- John Updike

Famous inboxes: Romeo Montague

Romeo and Juliet. Tormented lovers driven asunder by the mercurial hands of fate and fortuna.
Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.
Thank goodness they remembered to exchange email addresses.

Source: http://www.famousinboxes.com/2011/02/romeo-montague/


Chopin's Autumn Waltz

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When I introduce myself as “Betsy Braud, the jazz nurse,” people ask what I do and why I call myself a jazz nurse. I explain that nursing is my profession; that I incorporate music into my nursing and nursing into my music; and that I serve my community as a performer, presenter and arts educator.

Growing up in Louisiana, music has always been a part of my life. I began studying music when I was 8 years old, beginning with piano lessons and then switching to flute when I was 10. As an adolescent, I played flute in the school band and church and played with hippies in the park. As a teenager, I used music to manage grief. I lost my father, an uncle, a brother and a dear friend all before I turned 17. I lost another brother two years ago. If not for music, I don’t know where I would be.

I believe in the healing power of music. There are mounds of literary references that tout the benefit of music and mounting evidence that demonstrates how music can heal. I have experienced it for myself, up close and personal.

Genetically predisposed to being a healer, my first career track was music therapy. My parents were both physicians and four of my siblings are either physicians or nurses. I was studying music therapy when I decided to pursue a degree in music performance. My life changed in 1977 when I heard Alvin Batiste, a legendary clarinetist and educator, perform magic on his clarinet in New Orleans. Upon learning that he was an instructor and director of the Jazz Institute at Southern University in Baton Rouge, I relocated and began my mentorship with Batiste. I studied classical flute and completed my music performance degree while I immersed myself in the world of jazz.

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Yes Yes Yes

BREAKING NEWS: The FDA has granted accelerated approval to eteplirsen for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy! Decades of MDA research and investment have paid off with the first disease-modifying drug available to treat DMD.
We are filled with hope.

(from the Muscular Dystrophy Association)
Sarepta is seeking accelerated approval for eteplirsen for patients with DMD who have a confirmed mutation of the dystrophin gene
amenable to exon 51 skipping (≈13% of patients with DMD).

In such patients, skipping of exon 51 might restore the reading frame of dystrophin, increase the production of dystrophin, and lead to
a clinical benefit for patients.

(from the FDA proposal, which you may see here)

A very good story about William Shatner et al.--if you like ST:TOS and ST:TNG, do have a look ;)
(yes, it does have a number of 4-letter words, but...)

Many thanks to capt_facepalm for pointing this video out!

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