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(Painting is by Eleanor Pollen and was found via levkonoe--many thanks!)


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Something regarding Christmas shopping...;)

"The toy shop in Diagon Alley was open late on Christmas Eve and doing a booming trade. Snape pushed past the simpering fairy dolls singing in annoyingly high voices (accessories sold separately) and the tiny gruesome figures who shrieked in agony as they transformed into werewolves, complete with drooling fangs.

"Brilliant," a breathless child said, nose pressed against the glass case leaving a greasy smear. Beside him a harried clerk was dealing with a customer.

"No, madam, we don't stock the self drumming kits any more. Because of the curses from the parents of children who received them, madam. Last year I spent most of January with a drumstick jammed in each ear."

(from a HP fanfic, "Mine" by Gillian Middleton)
...the image is amusing, is it not? Poor clerk!


Originally posted by levkonoe at А.Маскаев

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!


Quotes of the day

“I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions,”

Her story dates to when she was a senior in college, waiting to take the law exam. She and a friend were “some of the only women” in the classroom, she says, and she was nervous about the test.

“While we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on.’
One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around,” she said. “But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room.”

“You need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don’t want to seem ‘walled off.’ And sometimes I think I come across more in the ‘walled off’ arena. And if I create that perception, then I take responsibility,” she said. “I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. And neither do my friends. And neither does my family. But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”

Source: Hillary Clinton Cites Tense Law-School Entrance Exam as Lesson in Controlling Emotions, from The Washington Wire blog

Granted, I'm taking this out of context, but...

"None of the problems we face will be easily solved. Now, I could stand up here and say, ‘Let’s just get everybody together. Let’s get unified.' The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect. Maybe I’ve just lived a little long, but I have no illusions about how hard this is going to be. You are not going to wave a magic wand to make special interests disappear."

(Source: from 2008 election campaign)

"Calming masterpost"

You may not like or agree with all of these, but I thought some people might find it an useful resource:

Calming Masterpost, from carpentermaid on Tumblr


Four more "little lists"

(the lyrics in this last one below are a bit naughty, don't say I didn't warn you...:P)

"The Life to Come", by Edward Shillito

The Life to Come

There is a City where God's happy children
Shall tread forever burnished floors, they say,
But I shall beg to walk in Oxford meadows
Where dance the golden flowers of May.

I cannot dream of walls upbuilt of jasper,
Nor can the gates of pearl the heart suffice:
Who once beholds the rainbows in a dewdrop
Has seen a pearl of greater price.

And when the harpers in that land are making
Strange melodies on earth unheard before,
If I might only hear once more Beethoven,
Then I should ask of God no more.

(Edward Shillito)

Dog stories and dog paintings

The "Election Day" one was rather interesting...:P

Originally posted by mi3ch at оживляж

В продолжение темы собак на картинах. Норман Роквелл на вопрос, можно ли улучшить неудавшуюся картину, отвечал: «Можно. Нужно дорисовать на ней собаку».

А в галерее Уффици рассказывали о причинах изображения собак на больших полотнах. Во время эпохи Возрождения большое количество картин заказывала католическая церковь. Чтобы интерес был не только у взрослых, церковь очень рекомендовала художникам изображать внизу картины то, что интересно детям.

И в ту же коробочку.
Великий театральный художник Тышлер, создавая эскизы декораций, в углу рисовал маленькую зеленую собачку. И когда кто-–нибудь из приемной комиссии спрашивал: «Мне все нравится, но причем здесь эта собака?», художник со вздохом сожаления замазывал ее. На этом процесс обсуждения обычно заканчивался, работу принимали, оставляя у вопрошающего сладкий привкус плодотворной творческой дискуссии с маэстро…

Также есть упоминания «красной собачки». Некоторые приписывают авторство Ле Корбюзье, некоторые — Николаю Улласу, одному из педагогов МАРХИ. «Суть «красной собачки» заключается в том, чтобы на листе учебного проекта изобразить нечто постороннее, небольшое, но весьма заметное, способное увести комиссию от обсуждения по существу. Бросаясь в глаза, «красная собачка» помогает не заметить по–настоящему серьезные ошибки, несуразности и нестыковки».

Ходят еще слухи о братьях Фарелли и их белой собачке, собаке Фаворского и желтой собачке Девятова.

Илье Кабакову жутко надоели все эти истории с разноцветными собачками, что он решил раз и навсегда с ними покончить полотном «Смерть собачки Али» via

Several more paintings with dogs:Collapse )
Originally posted by levkonoe at М.Михайлошина

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!

Surprising Lessons Learned by a Physician-Turned-Patient

(from Medscape; website registration required if not previously done but it's free and easy)

"I've got a little list...", 2015 version

And reading the news today made me want to add another verse:
...And that Russian Culture Minister, Vlad Medinsky is his name,
An utter ignoramus and quite devoid of shame.
He first revised biology, then moved on to history--
They're thinking of revoking his Ph.D. degree!

First the "extra chromosomes", now canonizing communists--
I've got him on my list! I'm sure he'll not be missed!

"I've got a little list..."

...Those who spread hate and sow discord, who disseminate prejudice and bigotry, and poison susceptible minds, definitely belong on the list!

Smile ;)

(from the Edwardian Society FB group)

A three-year-old's report on Thanksgiving: "I didn't like the turkey, but I liked the bread he ate."

(Art Linkletter)

Thanksgiving menu: roast turkey, candied yams, and pickled relatives.

(Arnold H. Glasgow)

Some neighbors of my grandparents' gave them a pumpkin pie as a holiday gift. As lovely as the gesture was, it was clear from the first bite that the pie tasted bad. It was so inedible that my grandmother had to throw it away.

Ever gracious and tactful, she still felt obliged to send the neighbors a note. It read: "Thank you very much for the pumpkin pie. Something like that doesn't last very long in our hourse."

(Krista Rose)

The checkout clerk at the supermarket was unusually cheerful even though it was near closing time. "You must have picked up a ton of groceries today," a customer said to the checker.
"How can you stay so pleasant?"

"We can all count our blessings," the clerk replied. "The hardest part of this job is the turkeys and the watermelons. I just thank God that Thanksgiving doesn't come in July."

(L. Proctor)

(all of the above from Reader's Digest: Laughter: The Best Medicine: Holidays)

(from ScienceAlert, who got it from FeelingGood Tees)

Smile ;)

("Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread & pumpkin pie.")

"The Debt", by Katharine Lee Bates

The Debt

Because the years are few, I must be glad;
Because the silence is so near, I sing;
'Twere ill to quit an inn where I have had
Such bounteous fare, nor pay my reckoning.

I would not, from some gleaming parapet
Of Sirius or Vega, bend my gaze
On a remembered sparkle and regret
That from it thanklessly I went my ways

Up through the starry colonnades, nor found
Violets in any Paradise more blue
Than those that blossomed on my own waste ground,
Nor vespers sweeter than the robins knew.

Though Earth be but an outpost of delight,
Heaven's wild frontier by tragedy beset,
Only a Shakespeare may her gifts requite,
Only a happy Raphael pay his debt.

Yet I — to whom even as to those are given
Cascading foam, emblazoned butterflies,
The moon's pearl chariot through the massed clouds driven,
And the divinity of loving eyes —

Would make my peace now with mine hostess Earth,
Give and take pardon for all brief annoy,
And toss her, far beneath my lodging's worth,
Poor that I am, a coin of golden joy.

Originally posted by svobodaradio at В Кирове активисты пожаловались на отказ об избрании мэром кота

В Кирове активисты пожаловались на отказ об избрании мэром кота

Представители общественной организации "Наш Киров" обратились с жалобой в прокуратуру в связи с отказом депутатов кировской городской Думы рассмотреть вопрос об избрании мэром Кирова ...кота.

"Котам не положено!" - заявили депутаты, чем нарушили закон об обращениях граждан. Выдвижение котов на пост мэра продолжается. Выдвинуто уже 44 кота и кошки. Среди претендентов есть выдвиженцы от КПРФ, аграрной партии, партии любителей рыбы и много самовыдвиженцев. Конкурс был объявлен в связи с крайне небрежным отношением действующего мэра Валерия Владыкина к своим обязанностям. В частности, за последние несколько дней более 120 человек в Кирове упали, поскользнувшись на заледеневшем тротуаре, и получили ушибы и переломы, между тем мэрия не спешит посыпать песком улицы и убирать снежные завалы. Горожане с горя стали выбирать кота.

In the city of Kirov, political activists have lodged a complaint about the fact that feline candidates were denied being nominated for the election of the city's mayor.

Representatives of the social organization "Our Kirov" submitted a formal complaint to the city's attorney's office regarding the refusal of members of the city's council to consider electing...a cat as the city's mayor.

"Cats are not permitted!" declared the council members, thereby violating the law about citizens being able to submit nominations. Nominations of cats for the position of the mayor continue to be submitted. 44 male and female cats have already been nominated. Among the contenders, there are members of the Communist Party, Agrarian Party, Party of Fish Lovers, and many Independent Party candidates. The contest for nominating the candidates was announced because the current mayor, Valeriy Vladykin, is very neglectful of his duties. For example, in the last few days, more than 120 people in the city of Kirov slipped on the icy sidewalks and fell, sustaining bruises and fractures, but the mayor and his staff are still in no hurry to sprinkle sand onto the snow and to clear the sidewalks. Out of disappointment, the city's residents are nominating cats.


Following up

on this entry

CNN apologized for the banner (as well they should)

and, apparently, dear Mr. Spencer actually wasn't talking about Jews specifically (this time, at least...):

article from Snopes

...not that it's any better to call mainstream media "soulless golems"!


Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Inner Room'

Originally posted by duathir at Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Inner Room'
The Inner Room

It is mine—the little chamber,
Mine alone.
I had it from my forbears
Years agone.
Yet within its walls I see
A most motley company,
And they one and all claim me
As their own.
There's one who is a soldier
Bluff and keen;
Single-minded, heavy-fisted,
Rude of mien.
He would gain a purse or stake it,
He would win a heart or break it,
He would give a life or take it,
And near him is a priest
Still schism-whole;
He loves the censer-reek
And organ-roll.
He has leanings to the mystic,
Sacramental, eucharistic;
And dim yearnings altruistic
Thrill his soul.
There's another who with doubts
Is overcast;
I think him younger brother
To the last.
Walking wary stride by stride,Collapse )

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Quote of the day

"Not everything is supposed to become something beauitiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you how to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and share your memories. Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they've given us."  ~Ally Donaldson

"Five Souls", by W.N. Ewer

Five Souls

First Soul

I was a peasant of the Polish plain;
I left my plough because the message ran:-
Russia, in danger, needed every man
To save her from the Teuton; and was slain.
I gave my life for freedom--This I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

Second Soul

I was a Tyrolese, a mountaineer;
I gladly left my mountain home to fight
Against the brutal treacherous Muscovite;
And died in Poland on a Cossack spear.
I gave my life for freedom--This I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

Third Soul

I worked in Lyons at my weaver's loom,
When suddenly the Prussian despot hurled
His felon blow at France and at the world;
Then I went forth to Belgium and my doom.
I gave my life for freedom--This I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

Fourth Soul

I owned a vineyard by the wooded Main,
Until the Fatherland, begirt by foes
Lusting her downfall, called me, and I rose
Swift to the call - and died in far Lorraine.
I gave my life for freedom--This I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

Fifth Soul

I worked in a great shipyard by the Clyde;
There came a sudden word of wars declared,
Of Belgium, peaceful, helpless, unprepared,
Asking our aid: I joined the ranks, and died.
I gave my life for freedom--This I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

(W.N. Ewer)
A Vision of January 4th

Lying on my couch a night or two ago,
I had a solemn vision of penitential woe;
Of that great time of fasting and of humiliation
Proposed by pious James unto our sinful nation.

All the stores were closed, the whole length of Broadway,
As on that great occasion, the Prince's procession day,
And the solemn chimes of Trinity through the air began to swim,
Tolling the grand Old Hundred and Luther's Judgment Hymn.

Ah, soon the great procession moved slowly from the Park;
'Twas headed by the Mayor, and brought up by men of mark,
Barefooted marched through mingled mud and snow;
Girdled with rope, and ashes-strewn, and clad in weeds of woe.

There were some Republican leaders, feeling very blue indeed,
That their party, after hard fighting, had the ill luck to succeed;
They were all for "conciliation," "concession," and "compromises;"
Hungry to eat their own words and back out of their own devices.

Read more...Collapse )

"All we ask is to be let alone"

"All we ask is to be let alone"

As vonce I valked by a dismal swamp,
There sot an old Cove in the dark and damp,
And at everybody as passed that road
A stick or a stone this Old Cove throwed.
And venever he flung his stick or his stone,
He'd set up a song of "Let me alone".

"Let me alone, for I loves to shy
These bits of things at the passers-by;
Let me alone, for I've got your tin,
And lots of other traps snugly in;
Let me alone--I am rigging a boat
To grab votever you've got afloat;
In a veek or so I expects to come
And turn you out of your ouse and ome;
I'm a quiet Old Cove," says he, with a groan;
"All I axes, is, Let me alone."
Just then came along, on the self-same vay, / Another Old Cove, and began for to say--Collapse )

Kojima Koukei

Originally posted by levkonoe at Kojima Koukei

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!

"Still I rise", by Maya Angelou

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,/With the certainty of tides,...Collapse )

Quote of the day

("Life has a way of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once." ~Paulo Coelho)

Quote of the day

"There were some Republican leaders, feeling very blue indeed,
That their party, after hard fighting, had the ill luck to succeed..."

Three guesses as to the source and timeframe...:P
118. The Jewish Conscript
By Florence Kiper Frank
There are nearly a quarter of a million Jews in the Czar’s army alone.—Newspaper clipping.
THEY have dressed me up in a soldier’s dress,
 With a rifle in my hand,
And have sent me bravely forth to shoot
 My own in a foreign land.
Oh, many shall die for the fields of their homes,        5
 And many in conquest wild;
But I shall die for the fatherland
 That murdered my little child.
How many hundreds of years ago—
 The nations wax and cease!—        10
Did the God of our fathers doom us to bear
 The flaming message of peace!
We are the mock and the sport of time!
 Yet why should I complain!—
For a Jew that they hung on the bloody cross,        15
 He also died in vain.

Harriet Monroe, ed. (1860–1936).  The New Poetry: An Anthology.  1917.

"Sestina", by Elizabeth Bishop

September rain falls on the house.
In the failing light, the old grandmother
sits in the kitchen with the child
beside the Little Marvel Stove,
reading the jokes from the almanac,
laughing and talking to hide her tears.

She thinks that her equinoctial tears
and the rain that beats on the roof of the house
were both foretold by the almanac,
but only known to a grandmother.
The iron kettle sings on the stove.
She cuts some bread and says to the child,

It"s time for tea now, but the child...Collapse )

Differences of Opinion, by Wendy Cope

Differences of Opinion


He tells her that the earth is flat --
He knows the facts, and that is that.
In altercations fierce and long
She tries her best to prove him wrong,
But he has learned to argue well.
He calls her arguments unsound
And often asks her not to yell.
She cannot win. He stands his ground.

The planet goes on being round.


Your mother knows the earth's a plane
And, challenged, sheds a martyr's tear.
God give her strength to bear this pain --
A child who says the world's a sphere.

Challenged, she sheds a martyr's tear.
It's bad to make your mother cry
By telling her the world's a sphere.
It's very bad to tell a lie.

It's bad to make your mother cry.
It's bad to think your mother odd.
It's very bad to tell a lie.
All this has been ordained by God.

It's bad to think your mother odd.
The world is round. That's also true.
All this has been ordained by God.
It's hard to see what you can do.

The world is round. That must be true.
She's praying, hoping you will change.
It's hard to see what you can do.
Already people find you strange.

She's praying, hoping you will change.
You're difficult. You don't fit in.
Already people find you strange.
You know your anger is a sin.

You're difficult. You don't fit in.
God give her strength to bear this pain.
You know your anger is a sin.
Your mother knows the earth's a plane.

by Wendy Cope

Originally posted by elenbarathi in greatpoets comm; many thanks!

(Hey, debriswoman--do you happen to know what this poetic form is? I thought it might be a villanelle, but elenbarathi checked and it's not; is it a sestina?)

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