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(Painting is by Eleanor Pollen and was found via levkonoe--many thanks!)

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So, I've read the book ;)

"Face Toward the Spring," by Faith Baldwin--I'd written about it here, back in July, wondering who was right--the reviewer who gave it one star, or the reviewer who gave it five ;)

Bought the book last autumn, finished reading it last week. As I suspected, the truth is somewhere in between--I can't say I cared all that much for the book--many of the stories had been written for, and published in, "The Christian Herald" magazine, which, of course, colors the book. So yes, it's a bit preachy. Besides, it's the author's first non-fiction book, so that is another reason I think it's not as good as "Evening Star". It had a few good passages; as you probably saw, I quoted one the other day, over here

Anyway, it was good enough to finish reading, and inexpensive, and it'll go to The Little Free Library ;)

As a side note, there was a passage in the book which made me grateful for the times having changed...

How unsurprising

Low-carbohydrate diet claims scrutinized

The National Lipid Association has issued a statement based on a comprehensive review of recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses on the effects of low- and very-low-carbohydrate diets on body weight, lipoprotein levels, blood sugar levels, and other risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. [Kirkpatrick CF. and others. Review of current evidence and clinical recommendations on the effects of low-carbohydrate and very-low-carbohydrate (including ketogenic) diets for the management of body weight and other cardiometabolic risk factors. Journal of Clinical Lipidology 13:689-711, 2019] The statement's key conclusions include:

  • Low-carbohydrate diets are not superior to other weight-loss diets. They may have advantages for appetite control, triglyceride reduction, and reduction in use of diabetes medication, but they do not persist after about 2 years.

  • The evidence is mixed concerning effects on low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, with some studies showing increasing levels of these diets.

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Cat and dog toys / food / donations drive

Sharing from FB, with permission--this is the mother of one of the children from Sunshine Snail Mail; I used to send her 'happy mail'
Steph Stanley to Izzy Faith's Army

In honor of Bella’s birthday & her love for all animals I’d love to collect as much dog food, cat food & toys as possible to donate to the elderly who might be in need, the local Vet school & animal shelter.

You can also make a donation of supplies or money to your local no kill shelter in her name if you’d like I know she’d be thrilled 💕👼

This wishlist is just an idea, of foods/toys that can be used they can be purchased anywhere! Chewy, Walmart, family dollar, dollar general, grocery store, anywhere you’d like if you choose to help.


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Quote of the day

У нас большой дефицит теплых семейных праздников, поводов собраться вместе, когда мы не нагружены и не перегружены ничем лишним. И Новый год — один из таких дней... это просто условная дата, позволяющая собраться вместе, улыбнуться друг другу, подарить подарки, тихо отпраздновать календарную смену.
Желать в Новый год что-либо — очень трудно. Желать надо того, чего нет. Так что я желаю каждому человеку определить свои пустоты. Нет ли у кого терпения, сильной веры, денег, жены или мужа, у живущего в браке — детей — пусть человек даст себе ответ на вопрос: «Чего у меня нет? Чего я хочу?»
Я желаю вам того, чего у вас нет, и чего вы очень хотите. С единственным условием: чтобы вам это пошло на пользу. Ибо есть две беды — неисполнение желаний и исполнение желаний, и может случиться так, что желание ваше исполнится, но вы будете самым несчастным человеком.
Пусть пустота ваша, если это действительно пустота, нуждающаяся в наполнении, наполнится подарками от Бога.

(Протоиерей Андрей Ткачёв)

We have a great shortage of true family holidays, of reasons to gather together, when we are not burdened or overburdened with anything excessive. And the New Year is one of these is simply an arbitrary date, which allows us to gather together, to smile at each other, to give each other gifts, to quietly celebrate the turning over of the calendar. It is very difficult to wish anyone anything at New Year's. One should wish people what they don't already have. So I wish for every person to find what their empty spaces are. If someone doesn't have patience, strong faith, money, husband or wife, for someone who's married--children--let the person answer this question, for him/herself: "What do I not have? What do I want?" I wish for you the things you don't have and want very much. On one condition: let it be to your benefit. For there are two troubles: when wishes don't come true, and when they do, and it can happen that your wish comes true, but you will be the unhappiest person ever. Let your empty space, if it is truly an empty space that needs to be filled, fill with gifts from God. (Archbishop Andrey Tkachev)

Ad astra

Happy New Year!

("How's my time?" "It took you 365 days again." "Sweet! At least I keep beating Mars." 2015, Sara Zimmerman)

I truly wish you a happy New Year--and that at the end of it, when you "balance up" the preceding twelve months, you'll discover what you have gained and what you have lost, what you have learned and what you have yet to learn, what you have met with courage and what you have met merely with irritation. Happiness is not for every minute of every hour. It is a flash, a wonder, a reaching up. It is no more stable than we are, and not to be captured and held any more than a wild bird that darts past us on its way to the far horizon. Happiness is a sudden gift out of the blue. Contentment, however, is something else again. It is stronger stuff, less exciting but a great deal more enduring.

And so I wish you happiness--contentment's elusive sister--and I also wish you contentment itself, that it may walk beside you enduringly. For it does, you know, only half the time we don't stop to think about it. Contentment is taking things as they come: love, work, the beauty all about us and the knowledge that, although heaven may seem far away, He who created it, as well as the earth and ourselves, is as close to us as the air we breathe--as ready, as simple, and as accessible to all of us as that.

(Faith Baldwin, from "Face Toward the Spring")
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Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you all the very best in 2020!

An artwork from levkonoe's LJ, from December 2015

11:10 - В.Цыганов (фотошоп, ручная работа)

Дедушка 1938 г.р. из Тирасполя освоил планшет (который с карандашом), рисовалки, фотошоп, пейнтер, и, вместо того чтобы ворчать на молодежь, пишет картины. Не обрабатывает фотографии, а именно создает на чистом листе.

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!